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Originally founded in Armidale (NSW) as S.T.D. Music, Hire and Promotion (1983) by Clay Djubal, Have Gravity Will Threaten (HGWT) is an independent, not-for-profit, publisher of music, plays, poetry and images from writers, musicians, composers, bands and photographers who emerged out of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales during the ‘pub rock’ era of the 1970s and 1980s. After being based in Sydney during the mid- late 1980s HGWT was re-established in Stafford Heights (Brisbane) in 1993.

This site also serves as an historical archive that celebrates the efforts and achievements of those individuals (and businesses) who helped keep the region’s music scene alive and happening during a significant period in the Australian music industry’s history. The purpose is to not only provide biographical information but to also establish a central collection point for materials which will help further our knowledge of a regional music scene during Australia’s rock music history renaissance. These materials can include images, ephemera (posters etc), recordings and video.

The Northern Tablelands Music Industry Archive has been established as a research community project. Anyone with information or materials relating to the archive is invited to contribute.  All assistance will be acknowledged on individual entries, as well as on the “Research Projects / Contact Us and Acknowledgements  page.” Any materials made available to HGWT will be returned if required or alternatively (if agreed to) will be become part of a collection to be donated to the University of New England and Regional Archive (Armidale).

The Northern Tablelands Music Industry Archive is now preserved for future generations through Pandora: Australia’s Web Archive, an initiative of the National Library of Australia and participating agencies.  The Pandora persistent identifier for the NTMIA is http://nla.gov.au/nla.arc-121812. The website is being archived on Pandora once a year (generally in February). For information regarding the Pandora project see the attached Factsheet.

Among the writers and artists whose work has been published by HGWT are the rock bands Vice Squad (Indecent Acts); Health Club (Hippy Punk); Shoot the DJ (Crunch Time: Live at Impies / Cleared for Action / Mind-Driving); and Some Trippin’ Diggers (The Larrikin Demofestos). Forthcoming releases (2010) will include: Crash Landing (Between a Flame and a Hot Place / On Fire: The Crash Landing Tapes – Vols 1 and 2); and Some Trippin’ Diggers’ Paralytic with Intelligence).

Other HGWT recordings include original music from the 1994 Brisbane stage production of Marvellous Melbourne. HGWT has published The Last Word (1997), a rock musical by Clay Djubal (with Marcel Dorney) which is based on an original story by Cameron Davies, and also acts as a distributor for Jo-ann Simmons and Dennis Landy’s 1984 collection of poetry Kind Threats.  HGWT’s most recent publication is Incurable Sneezes: Selected Poetry and Lyrics 1978-1998 (2009) by Clay Djubal

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