• The Last Word (1997)
  • Set in 1840 on the mythical island of Canberra. For sixty years the island has been the dumping ground for students, the unemployed, musicians, poets and other social riff-raff. The government universities, pubs and coffee shops that were established to implement strict social control experiments have failed. In an effort to re-establish conformity amongst the country’s citizens, razor gangs from the Ministry of Social Reform have orchestrated a major slashing campaign to all areas of the island’s economic funding. It is the story of a greed, lust, power, revenge, sex, murder, heroism, betrayal and true love, focusing on a small band of student revolutionaries led by Hanrahan and their fight against the evil Colonel Alistair MacJones.)
  • Conceived and developed as a low budget production suitable for university or high school students, ‘The Last Word’, has been adapted from a work-in-progress melodrama text by Brisbane-based writer, Cameron Davies. The musical score is essentially rock/pop in style. First performed at the cement Box Theatre, St Lucia (Brisbane) 1997.
  • First published by HGWT in 1997.
  • ISBN: 978-0-9806072-0-8    (2008 reprint)



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