Venues, Businesses, Community Groups and Industry Opportunities

All entries are for the Armidale district unless otherwise noted.
Venues and business in green do not yet have entries. HGWT is interested in hearing from anyone with information about these places or who can help provide contact details. Any help will be gratefully appreciated and acknowledged on the site.
Details for individuals in brackets [  ] can be found in the appropriate Artists/Bands entries.



  • Anderson, Jon  [see: Armidale Musicians Club ; Wattamega Sound ; see also Artists/Band Index]
  • Armidale Bowling Club
  • Armidale Ex-Services Memorial Club
  • Armidale Folk Club
  • Armidale Golf Club
  • Armidale High School
  • Armidale Musicians’ Club [see also: Jon Anderson ; Peter Makeham ; Richard Rummery]
  • Armidale Race Club Ball
  • Armidale Town Hall
  • Armidale Showground [re: Xmas in the Bunker]
  • Arts Theatre [see: UNE Arts Theatre]
  • Austin College (UNE)


  • Boomerang Hotel (Glen Innes)


  • Capitol Cinema
  • Clay’z Kitchen [see also: Clay Djubal ; Jo-ann Simmons]
  • Club Hotel
  • Coachwood and Cedar Hotel Motel (Uralla)
  • Coffee House


  • Dangarsleigh Hall
  • De La Salle College  [see: O’Connor Catholic High]
  • Drummond College (UNE)
  • Duval College (UNE)
  • Duval High School


  • Earle Page College (UNE)
  • Earth and Sky Productions


  • Forge, Dave:  [see Earth and Sky Productions]


  • Galloping Grape
  • Glen Innes Services Club
  • Grand Hotel
  • Guyra Gold Club


  • Hoadley Battle of the Sounds


  • Imperial Hotel (aka ‘Impies’)
  • Inverell R.S.M. Club
  • Jazz Club (UNE Jazz Club) [see: University of New England (Union, Clubs/Societies & Faculties)]


  • Kelly’s Plains-Dangarsleigh CWA Hall  [see: Dangarsleigh Hall]


  • Lane, Bob [see Lane Music Co ; see also Artists/Band Index]
  • Lane, Ron ‘Rocky’ [see Lane Music Co ; see also Artists/Band Index]
  • Lane Music Co
  • Lazenby Hall  [see UNE Great Hall]
  • Legacy Hall (Armidale)
  • Lingus’s
  • Lizard Lounge (Uralla)


  • McArthur, Terry [see: Earth and Sky Productions
  • Madgwick Hall(UNE)
  • Makeham, Peter ‘Groover’  [see: Armidale Musician’s Club ; see also Artists/Band Index]
  • Mary White College (UNE)
  • Moore Park Inn
  • Muscle Music [see also: Peter Stanley]
  • MUSSOC (aka UNE Music Society) [see: University of New England (Union, Clubs/Societies & Faculties)]


  • Neucleus [UNE student newspaper]
  • Newell’s Music Centre
  • New England Hotel [aka ‘the Newie’]


  • O’Connor Catholic High [aka O’Connor Catholic College]
  • Peter Rabbit Tea House
  • Puddledock Hall


  • Radio UNE [aka RUNE]
  • Railway Hotel
  • Robb College (UNE)
  • Rockvale Pub [aka Old Rockvale Pub]
  • Royal Hotel (Glen Innes)
  • RUNE  [see: Radio UNE]
  • Rural Science Ball [see: University of New England (Union, Clubs/Societies & Faculties)]


  • 7 Brothers
  • Spark and Co  [see: Treble Clef]
  • Socialist Action Movement (S.A.M.)  [see: University of New England (Union, Clubs/Societies & Faculties)]
  • St Albert’s College (UNE)
  • Stanley, Peter [see Muscle Music ; see also Artists/Band Index]
  • St Kilda Hotel
  • S.T..D. Music, Hire & Promotions [see also: Clay Djubal]
  • Sunray Sunday Festival


  • 2AD
  • 2ARM FM
  • T.A.S. (The Armidale School)
  • Tattersalls Hotel
  • Thunderbolt’s Inn (Uralla)
  • Treble Clef, The


  • Umberumberka Art Gallery
  • UNE Arts Theatre
  • UNE Great Hall
  • UNE Bistro
  • UNE Music Society (aka MUSSOC) [see: University of New England (Union, Clubs/Societies & Faculties)]
  • UNE Union Courtyard
  • University of New England (Clubs, Societies & Union)
  • Uralla Bowling Club
  • Uralla Golf Club


  • Walcha Bowling Club
  • Walcha Race Club Ball
  • Wattamega Sound [see also: Jon Anderson]
  • Wicklow Hotel
  • Wright College (UNE)


  • Xmas in the Bunker [see: Armidale Showground]
  • YCW Club

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