Photography and Design

The selection of images on this page are from photographers, designers and creative practitioners who have been associated with the artists and bands represented in this database. 

 The People

Heather Grigg :   Heather Grigg’s career as a photographer began in the late 1970s and has included a wide variety of styles, from fashion and wedding images through to rock bands, children and landscape. She has worked largely in Armidale, with several periods of time spent in Brisbane, Toowoomba (Qld) and Sydney. Between 2006 and 2008 she also operated the Flying Duck Tapas restaurant (an endeavour which saw her business become runner-up in Rove’s 2006 ‘My Restaurant Sucks’ competition). In late 2007 she toured the United Kingdom and Europe as manager/photographer for Lissa Käthe. In addition to her photographic work Heather is currently employed as works as the Administrator for UNE Partnerships (University of New England).


Heather Grigg and Jo-ann Simmons (ca. 1986)


David Rose :   Armidale-based photographer David Rose worked with Shoot the DJ in 1983.


Psykosis :  The creative arm of Have Gravity Will Threaten, Psykosis specialises in both old-school (posters) and web-based design, publicity and promotions, CD and book artwork and anything that’s even slightly related to creative art. The team currently comprises Clay Djubal, Alexandra Joyes, Jarred Harriss, Peter Knox and Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite. Previous contributors include: Jo-ann Simmons and Heather Grigg.


 Their Images 









 Lissa Monk (L), Nick Monk (F) and unidentified band member (R)  


Helga and the Blitzkrieg (ca. 1987)



L-R: (unidentified), Nick Monk, Lissa Monk and Kez Watson




Shoot The DJ [II] 1986
L-R: Nick Miles, Clay Djubal, Ian Mitchell 








 Some Trippin Diggers 1985
L-R: Matt Hirst, Clay Djubal, Ziggy Mirza

  Clay Djubal and Jo Simmons 1986

 Shoot the DJ (II) 1986






Ian Mitchell 1986


 Shoot the DJ – frontline 1983






                          Clay Djubal (1983)


 Rod Clay (1979)






     Shoot the DJ [I] (1983)       























 Posters and Flyers

















 Elvis to Madonna  









aark poster finaljabberwocky1









 Programs, Menus and Miscellaneous



























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